Bringing the Best together

Results Through Relationships

Professional Employment Group (PEG), we love to see people and companies achieve what they never would have without our connections.


How do we do it? It’s not a numbers game to us. With PEG, you will build personal relationships with people who truly care about understanding your needs and helping you meet your goals – for the long haul.


You could call us uncommon and we wouldn’t be offended. Unlike the close-to-the-vest game you usually experience in job/talent searches, we are open, upfront, transparent, and honest.


We’re not for everybody. We focus on technical skills for manufacturing, engineering, and IT in the Denver Metro area. Our recruiters have personal and professional connections with the right people in these industries. We know the lingo and the qualities it takes to succeed. And our vast network of connections is unparalleled.


Simply put, you will not find another recruiting partner who cares more about finding the perfect match for you and helping you thrive!

4 Pillars

Hard Work

We deliver quality every time, because, for us, attitude and effort are non-negotiable


We communicate frequently, transparently, and in a direct, honest and professional manner


We value the time it takes to build strong relationships and the responsibility that goes with upholding them


When we make a commitment, we deliver without exception, guided by the principle of “always do the right thing” – even when the right thing is the most difficult option.