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Professional Employment Group (PEG) has some of the strongest connections in the information technology, engineering, manufacturing, bioscience, health and human services, and accounting and finance industries. Our deep knowledge, hands-on expertise, and extensive network deliver the top talent and career opportunities you need to thrive in a very challenging environment.






Accounting & Finance

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  • Over 15,000 Professional Contacts
  • Hundreds of Years of Recruiting and Staffing Experience
  • Experts in Our Key Areas of Focus
  • Over 150 Clients Served Across the Nation
  • SBE and DBE Certifications
Diana Robideau
Diana Robideau
22 February 2024
This lady Julia is amazing and I appreciate and respect her so much. She went above and beyond for me. Thank you so much, Julia. I wish you nothing but the best. And thank you for taking care of me. I really, really appreciate that. There isn't 1 HR woman like you I couldn't think of one through all The Times I've worked at staffing agencies and I will tell you you are one of a kind and I thank you. 😊
Katelyn Kokeny
Katelyn Kokeny
19 February 2024
Everyone at PEG has been amazing to work with and very helpful. They are empathetic, kind, and work diligently to assist with finding your next opportunity. I'm very happy with where I've been placed and am hoping to convert FT in my new opportunity very soon!
Sam Peters
Sam Peters
25 January 2024
Customer service at its finest
Daniel Rocha
Daniel Rocha
13 January 2024
Hello Internet 🛜 world professional employment is very good company by all means definitely recommend 100%
Brandi Gradoz
Brandi Gradoz
11 January 2024
If there are any pre-grads reading this and you're deciding what/who you want to be in the future... Brent Peterson is the perfect roll model, he is a man everyone should strive to be like. He's attentive, helpful, funny and above all the extra steps he took in helping me prepare for my future with DPS, he also made me feel human, not just a job. He went above and beyond and make each interaction so comfortable like we were life long friends. I can't express enough how grateful I am that he chose to call my number that day. The professional of professionals. Thanks Brent. 🦸
Amanda Gebhart
Amanda Gebhart
9 January 2024
Easy process. Very easy invoicing process, step by step, and extremely helpful HR staff that answered questions promptly!

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